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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2008|11:22 pm]
Second Bastard Son of the Lord
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Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 17:19:58 +0000

hi gary....i got clobbered by a city truck on my way home yesterday...

im relatively ok.....just danked my left leg and bunged up my foot that was

already gimped from work yesterday....

corner of woodland and broadway.., .duder sees a the red turn into green and he gunned it into a turn

whether there was someone there or not.....my bike breaks work like shit....so i just kind of committed to it...

i had about a second to get ready for the impact....and i jumped up off my bike a little...took most of the blow with my uppers

and flew quite gracefully if i do say so myself....especially considering i had the laptop and my pipe on me and neither are broken...

i wont need multiple days off or anything.....strangely my upper body is although a lil stiff not hurt....

i likely got up off the ground too quickly so i could yell at the driver...further gimping me..

cant even call you this morning cause we owe so much money on the cell, it refuses to do any outgoing calls outside of directly to rogers...

i think you can still call me though

goddamn life is exciting......see you early tomorrow

ill be taking the bus

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only some of the movies i can remember watching this month [Dec. 29th, 2007|12:38 am]
Second Bastard Son of the Lord
-lions for lambs
-the flock
-eastern promises
-good luck chuck
-balls of fury
-american gangster
-black sheep
-talk to me
-Black snake moan
-Timber falls
-no country for old men
-in a dark place
-Mr magoriums wonder emporium
-resident evil - extinction
-a room 4 romeo brass
-september dawn
-the interpreter
-before the devil knows yer dead
-30 days of night
-aliens vs predator; requiem
-i am legend
-knocked up
-the invasion
-mr brooks
-national treasure; book of secrets
-the bucket list
-the great debaters
-the kingdom
-jackass 2.5
-the mist
-the golden compass
-im not there
-hood of horror

if yer looking for good streaming instead of downloading all the time

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aristotle [Dec. 19th, 2007|10:56 pm]
Second Bastard Son of the Lord
A beginning is that which does not come necisarily after something else, but after which it is natural for another thing to exist or come to be. An end on the contrary, is that which naturally comes after something else, but itself has nothing after it. A middle is that which both comes after something else and has another thing following it.

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poop [Dec. 16th, 2007|02:27 am]
Second Bastard Son of the Lord
i havent written in here in a good while, not since the great bus killer incident
oh that was fun, my pinky finger still has a fleshy red bump right on the knuckle, i guess i broke it a bit heh,

on to my post

i don't like how creativity and the impetus to write seems hand in hand with angst.
meaning, most often, the only time i can write anything im happy with is when im so bloody upset and hurting on the inside, that i go for the keyboard and write like mad.
when it happens, whether anyone else likes the crap i come up with or not, its like magic kinda. It all just comes pouring out of me in huge gobs all at once

I've always liked the way i dont write the same as i am in real life, its like taking the time to hit these keys, slows me down just long enough to actually consider the shit that comes out of me. (hahaha ew)

I have been working on movie ideas, things i could try with a very small budget
and im pretty happy with them so far. I think i would like to see a movie like the stuff im working on. Its just basic outlines i have so far, actual camera work, dialogue anything else i havent even begun to tackle by this point.
I'll need to get a camera first thing no doubt, learn how to use the bloody thing, but most of all, i need to do more than watch 5 movies a day to learn how to compose these shots, i really have no idea...and i would still like to abvoid film school if i can, i think learning how in my own style sounds romantic hehe.
dialogue will come from recordings of me and my pals i think, and some just natural adlibbing so it feels more natural, i dont see how any film with verbatum lines in it could feel real...how do they do that?

also especially when unnecessary i wanna have boobs, weiners and vaginas all over these movies, i know i love it when i see em
boobs are lovely, vaginas make me feel naughty, and weanis is just plain funny.

i want so badly to start actually making something, im sick of dreaming
and unlike the stuff that often comes from my mouth, people might like to see it too
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bus killer [Sep. 4th, 2007|09:51 am]
Second Bastard Son of the Lord
so the other day i was on my way across town on my bike, I wanted to meet my friend Neil's little sister and her boyfriend visiting from Sudbury.

about 10 mins away from my home along a very main drag named Kingsway, a bus kept dangerously cutting me off, after twice i put my arm out and made him wait for me to get through instead of him cutting me off, and i stopped next to him at the next red light and i yelled at the driver, explaining that i do count as a vehicle legaly, that what he was doing was dangerous, and that he was being an asshole.

so buddy guns it on the green and tries to pull in right in front of me (dispite a lack of customers or even a bus stop ) just to be a dick, ...so hes pushing me with his bus into the curb real forcefully this time, so im like (ok thats a lil crazy , "you win" slam on my brakes and move to go around... then buddy pulls out again thus trying to hit me and pushing me into traffic...
i guess he decided cyclist must go, as compared to the all important fatso bus driver.

this final act of shit, pissed me off just enough....so i peek over my left shoulder to make sure the traffic coming from behind can see that im being pushed out in front of them, and i peddal real hard to catch up to the drivers window...and i swing !

i put my fist right through his drivers side mirror, knocking it right off the bus altogether. this sends the driver into a complete frenzie, honking his horn, tailgating me through very busy traffic.

My punch cut my hand open pretty bad , so im oozing with blood all over my handlebars , pants and shoe while laughing maniacly, cycling with a bus and crazy bus driver on my ass
...at a point the driver had to give it up and stop altogether as he had no mirror, and i arrived at neils place covered in blood, thus making a pretty crumby first impression.

i have been in at least a hundred situations where a driver has done things to me, that were stupid dangerous, and they always just kinda get to shrug and drive off fast before i can get any chance of retribution...this driver lost
i won that one

Vancouver beware, "THE BUS KILLER !"
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facebook is killing me [Mar. 20th, 2007|01:51 pm]
Second Bastard Son of the Lord
somewhere along the line i decided i was jack fucking kerouac, but i didnt write any of it down and i hate poetry.
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(no subject) [Mar. 17th, 2007|05:03 am]
Second Bastard Son of the Lord
here i sit, 5:03 in the morning and i feel as though it were lunch time. i have a half a case of beer left (hiccup) and a butt load of weed. everyone else has gone to sleep, fucking jobs.

I'm killing time, before i go into star wars video game mode, googling "multicultural Canada" i was looking for a paper or something, further explaining my country and how it works.

and i came apon this group of russians, kinda neat (all wiki)

Doukhobor "spirit wrestlers."

The Doukhobors were a Christian sect, later defined as a religious philosophy, ethnic group, social movement, or simply a 'way of life', which in the 18th century rejected secular government, the Russian Orthodox priests, icons, all church ritual, the Bible as the supreme source of divine revelation and the divinity of Jesus. As pacifists, they also ardently rejected the institutions of militarism and wars. For these reasons, the Doukhobors were harshly repressed in Russia. Both the tsarist state and church authorities were involved in the torture and exile of these dissidents, as well as taking away their normal freedoms. At the end of the nineteenth century two-thirds of the Doukhobors left Russia en masse. They chose Canada for its isolation, peacefulness, and the fact that the Canadian government welcomed them, and migrated there in 1899. The Doukhobors' passage across the Atlantic Ocean was largely paid for by Quakers and Tolstoyans, who sympathized with their plight, and by the writer Leo Tolstoy, who arranged for the royalties from his novel Resurrection to go to the migration fund. He also raised money from wealthy friends. In Canada, the Doukhobors established a communal life style, similar to the Hutterites.

Perhaps the most well-known leader of the Doukhobors to date was Peter Vasilevich Verigin (1859-1924). Verigin was killed in a still-unsolved Canadian Pacific Railway train explosion on October 29, 1924 near Farron, between Castlegar and Grand Forks, British Columbia.

In 1903 a radical faction of the Doukhobours calling themselves Svobodniki (Freedomites) or the 'Sons of Freedom' (SOF) embraced Verigin's writings in a zealous manner. A small group of the SOF participated in mass nudity and arson as means of protesting against materialism, the land seizure by the government, compulsory education in government schools and Verigin's assassination. This led to many confrontations with the Canadian government and the RCMP which continued into the 1960s and later.

then freedomites...

Freedomites, also called Svobodniki or Sons of Freedom, first appeared in 1902 in Saskatchewan, Canada, and later in the Kootenay and Boundary districts of British Columbia, as a Doukhobor extremist group. Of the about 20,000 Doukhobor living in Canada today, about 2,500 are Freedomites.

The ideals of the Freedomites emphasize communal living and action, ecstatic religious doctrine, and anarchic attitudes towards external regulation. The objective of the Doukhobors in moving to Canada had been to escape religious persecution in Russia, but soon the community would break up. The Sons of Freedom were the most radical of the resulting groups.

Although Canada at first provided a more tolerant environment than Tsarist Russia, conflict soon developed, most importantly over the schooling of children and registration. The Svobodniki generally refused to send their children to school; the governments of Saskatchewan and later British Columbia would soon charge many of the parents for not sending the children.

The Svobodniki (freedomites) became famous for various public protests: sometimes publicly burning their own money and/or possessions, and going nude in public. There was a doctrinal justification for nudity (that human skin, as God's creation, was more perfect than clothes, the imperfect work of human hands), but the public nudity has generally been interpreted as a form of protest against the materialist tendencies of society.

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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2007|06:10 am]
Second Bastard Son of the Lord
new terry gilliam movie "tideland"
download it off me here
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(no subject) [Mar. 3rd, 2007|08:38 am]
Second Bastard Son of the Lord
I live with 2 pregnant kittys, they are my friends
and little molly, she lets me poke around her belly (she likes it i swear, real gentile) and i can feel little elbows and stuff

i cant wait till they come out, its gunna be so cool
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2007|05:52 am]
Second Bastard Son of the Lord
copy of barfly,
download it if your ready for this jelly

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